1974 Norton Commando


After about 20 years of sitting in our garage with a froze up engine, Dad decided to fix up his old motorcycle.  I can barely remember riding on it way back then!  Dad's friend Jack helped do all the engine work - installing new pistons, rings, valves, as well as numerous bearings, seals, and gaskets.  Jack also installed an electronic ignition system.

After the engine was repaired and tuned, it was really only a matter of cleaning up the bike.

Here you can see the effect of 30 years on the side panels and fuel tank.


I took a wire wheel and knocked of the old paint. We started the cleanup process around the engine.
  Then we cleaned up the frame, rims, and tires.
A new set of Avon tires and then this picture taken at the appraisal. Re-chromed the sissy bar, bought a new seat, added all decals to complete our project!